… 8, 9…



collaboration with Warren Quigley


Working with children in grade 3 at public schools in the Granby area, we conducted an art project that culminated in a public art installation at city hall. Each child was asked to describe their hope and their fear for the future. These expressions were then broadcast, anonymously, onto roadside electronic signs.


Every generation has a zeitgeist, an attitude. Even at an early age, this becomes apparent. What children choose as their unadulterated expression of hopes and fears is telling of the current socio-political climate. Imitating the strategies and appearance of a political campaign, …8, 9… is intended to generate in its young audience awareness of social structures and a sense of empowerment in their capacity to affect the future.





media: roadside electronic sign, various media
dimensions: 15’ W x 15’ H x 6’ D


Curated by 3e impérial for Granby City Hall, Granby, Québec.