cook developed out of pondering about my relationship to food in terms of its production, preparation, consumption. The resulting series of four installations are: crave, cook, eat, digest. In cook, an organic stratum based on a hive pattern seemingly multiplies and spreads, interrupting the entrance into the space. This layer consists of ceramic tiles ‘grouted’ with soy beans and sporadically filled with soy sauce. Etched into each of the wall tiles is one of six drawings mapping out the laborious process of turning soy beans into soy sauce. A recipe for human sweat, based on its chemical components, runs from the wall tiles down along the ground tiles. The fresh and dehydrated soy sauce can be reconstituted by the visitor by adding hot water via a container from the “reconstitution station” (seen against the right-hand wall in the installation shot).



media: soy beans, soy sauce, earthenware, table with kettle, hot plate, various vessels
dimensions: installation 12′ W x 5′ H x 12′ D


Curated by Lani Maestro for Galerie Burning, Montreal.