eat developed out of pondering about my relationship to food in terms of its production, preparation, consumption. The resulting series of four installations are: crave, cook, eat, digest. In eat, the main staples (bread & rice) throughout my life are utilized to reflect not only what goes into my body but also what constitutes my cultural body. My lower torso is cast into baked bread, which is then arranged into agricultural furrows to create a landscape of production. The loose rice is pooled at the other end; the drawing that is ploughed into the grains describes the act of eating rice with a pair of chopsticks. At the point where bread and rice meet, the loaves have broken down into dry crumbs that are about to be picked up by the promontories of rice.




media: 79 loaves of bread, 25 kilos of rice, wood, flour, glazed earthenware, cast aluminum
dimensions: installation 750 sq. ft.
eat was first shown at The Red Head Gallery, Toronto.