Exquisite excerpts #4 and #2




I am drawn to human hair as imagery that has the power to elicit dread. When hair is displaced from its predictable place, the territory of the body, it can unnerve. After death of the body, hair can last for centuries without decomposing. I empower it with the role of harbinger, with the potential to portend disaster. Hair is manifested in my work as a monstrosity of unrest, the irrational, and deliberate loss of control. In Exquisite excerpt #4 and Exquisite excerpt #2, which were directly drawn onto the wall, stylishly coifed hair is presented in disembodied form.




media: ink on wall
dimensions: variable
The Exquisite excerpts series was first shown in a solo exhibition curated by Marcie Bronson for Rodman Hall Arts Centre, St. Catharines, Ontario.