Lament Geography



This project starts with the simple premise of directing our gaze northbound. Beginning at the southernmost site (Muncey) in Southern Ontario and ending at the northernmost site (Pond Inlet/Mittimatalik) in Nunavut, a “tour” of 45 former Indian Residential Schools is navigated live via Google Earth. The brutal legacy of these schools is not visually evident in the ghostly appearance of the buildings (some of which still stand), overlaid on top of each former school site, but the emotional and psychological associations persist, to this day not fully resolved or reconciled.


Directing our gaze northbound, what would we encounter, not so much literally, but as a collective legacy? We virtually travel across the land to increasingly unfamiliar (to southerners) terrain. The easily accessible eye-in-the-sky vantage point that satellite and mapping technologies afford us in terms of conjuring unvisited locales cannot ultimately reveal to us what has happened in those places, increasing the tension between landscape and land.



excerpt from Lament Geography


medium: Google Earth intervention
duration: 17:43
Lament Geography was first exhibited at the Harbourfront Centre, Toronto in “North of Here,” curated by Patrick Macaulay.