Third Garden


2002 – present


collaboration with Warren Quigley


Third Garden is designed as a monument to local memory. This garden refers to the past use of the surrounding grounds as a healing site for psychiatric care, and to current day use as regenerated land, some of which has become a rehabilitated nature reserve. The installation integrates landscape design with sculptural elements to convey playful associations with psychiatric care (i.e. the couch and the serpent) and with the specific history of the site. The text in the pavers is based on oral and recorded histories of the former Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital, rewritten in the tone of intimate journal entries from the point of view of patients, relatives, staff and local residents.



media: cast iron, bronze, plants, concrete
dimensions: 10,000 sq. ft.

site: Lakeshore Grounds, Toronto


Commissioned by the City of Toronto.