2001 – present


collaboration with Warren Quigley


The park design, the product of a collaborative process between the artists and the landscape designers of MBTW Group, is based on a historic farmstead theme to remind its present day and future visitors of the site’s rich history and of the time when it was owned and operated as a part of the Gibson Family Farm. The art work is installed along the park’s pathways, tracing the passage of time. Appearing at irregular intervals to the walker are remnants and symbols from the past of the site. These elements are cast in bronze and imbedded into the physical structures of the park. The time line that begins in the prehistoric and travels through First Nations culture to European agricultural settlement is mapped out across the park. Interrupting this linear passing of time are the tracked lateral movements of past and present indigenous animals, some of which symbolize an insistent presence that endures to this day.





media: bronze, patina, concrete
dimensions: 13,500 sq. ft.

site: Dempsey Park, Toronto


Commissioned by the City of Toronto.