Made of enough hair to cover the heads of hundreds of people, this heavy coat is a burden to wear. Deeply shaven into the back of the coat is the text “NAKED.” The absurdity of this statement lies in the act of putting on more hair when our bodies are already covered with our own hair, and in the immense quantity of this hair that would provide not only coverage but also shelter. The tension between the material form and the word derives as well from the relationship between luxury and repulsion. The vulnerability of the human body requires us to cover ourselves with the skin/hair/fur of other species. The vulnerability of the human condition can lead us to excess. To be naked is to be starkly exposed, to be devoid.




media: human hair, coat, silicone adhesive
dimensions: 3′ W x 4′ H x 1.5′ D
Naked was first shown as part of “in the seam/en couture,” Les Cours Mont-Royal, Montreal and Access Art Gallery, Toronto Eaton Centrecurated by Name 10 parts of the body.